A.I Creates Smoking shows?

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A.I Creates Smoking shows?

Post by Dan »

A.I - Will It Take Over The World?

Recent advances in AI means everything from TV shows, books, articles, news, music videos, and even movies are now being taken over by this 21st century issue. Now, any likeness of an actor, or non actor, can be used to generate A.I created content - without their consent. The issue has recently been raised by SAG; the Actors Guild who recently (2023) went on strike in an effort to protect likeness rights. In an interview shared recently online, a spokes-person for SAG said that this issue is too large for their current strike to include in their proposals. And so it seems the issue will go unchallenged, unless there is the unlikely event of a second union strike. By then, A.I will be able to fill those positions, forcing many out of their careers.

Technology-brains are currently competing to bring this future into our present day. Each month, a new advance means the software is just a bit smarter than before, and just a bit closer to providing its intended purpose of replacing media. The frightening thing is, things can now we generated in a matter of hours, while it took days or even months to generate those images before. Such advances have been used on the latest Indiana Jones movie as a cheap way to de-age the actor in post-production. Experts have spent a long time creating the face changing technology to put one character onto the body of another. This is known as Deep Fake.

In 2023, the pop group Duran Duran commissioned an A.I movie for their latest single. The process took just a few days. Notice the blurry images, and in the eyes; which A.I still cant get right.

Now take a look at these videos. Notice the eyes are blurry, and the way the mouth seems to disappear.
Is this an A.I app being used on a real model, or is this a fake model being used by the computer? Is this the future?

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