Smoking - Is it still a thing?

Talk about smoking topics, not related to the 'F' word (see rules).
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Smoking - Is it still a thing?

Post by Dan »

Last year, this forum enjoyed 800 views a day. This year we are down to just 15. I know the forum move has been a disaster, but part of the issue is there isn't too much new stuff to add each week. The image sites are taking down users who post suggestive material, and it's difficult to find good stories to cover to keep the forum looking up to date.

This section is your chance to have your say. Any registered user should be able to post here and start new topics, so hopefully if you notice this, why not share your thoughts.

Post by nicetoseeyouhere »

Search engine results seem to laboursly require leapfrogging here - first via Google groups.

I have a debit card but not a credit card. Have bought downloadst from here. But cannot (pre)view Smokevision on EE or the actual Smokevision site. I am over 60. Debit card ok for 16+ so cannot 'confirm' on Facebook or EE I am an adult ie over 18. Would happily purchase 070 compilation (3 models) simply for Brigita element; but not been available to view or purchase when I've checked.

Believe you have a unique specialist niche for people appreciating what you have done for 20+ years. Attractive clothed women smoking. Modern Hollywood/Film Noir modernised with colour.
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