Bree [Classic Model]

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Bree [Classic Model]

Post by Dan »

Post by catena on Feb 14, 2015 15:54:37 GMT
This girl is one of my favorites. So cute, so feminine and she's got perfect hairstyle.
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Post by Dan on Feb 15, 2015 12:56:22 GMT
WOW, I've never seen this girl before. Well done for finding her for us. :)

I must say I adore women with long wild hair. I think beautiful hair adds so much more character to any facial expression. Especially if the hair is soft flowing and swishy. Its like a curtain of mystery.

Post by pro on Feb 17, 2015 9:15:48 GMT

bought that on vhs from steve yrs ago....beautiful young gal....has a side dangle scene in there to die for

Post by brianmandude on Feb 23, 2015 23:00:48 GMT
Got this one on DVD....Here's a tip: Read her lips!
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