Smoking Makes You Live Longer!

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Smoking Makes You Live Longer!

Post by Dan »

Post by Dan on Oct 20, 2018 19:19:39 GMT

Smoking Makes You Live Longer!

You may have noticed the thread on Hollywood Lies; Celebs Who Really Died From Smoking, that only a few of them died from lung cancer. I highlighted all those people who lived over 80 years old in green, and recently I have looked at these numbers again.

In the list of almost 100 people, you can see 19 people died directly from smoking. Of these, 12 people smoked 3 packs of cigs (or more) per day, and another 5 smoked heavily, so thats 17 out of 19 people smoked 'Packs' per day.

tumblr_nhx11iWMrs1s7n9hno2_1280.jpg (91.38 KiB) Viewed 437 times

But is this the whole story? Not quite, because 24 people in the same celebs list smoked, and yet lived over 80 years old. So there are more people who lived longer from smoking than died young from smoking, in this sample list, which was compiled using a lists of names of people associated with dying from smoking on some web sites!

Smoking can make you live longer according to some people:

The oldest woman who ever lived was Jeanne Calment, who lived until 122 years old, and smoked 3-4 cigs a day until she was 120. Like Lana Turner and so many others, when she gave up smoking, her will to keep going began to fade.

In my study of old people, when I worked in retirement homes, about 25% of the residents smoked. Of those, 70% smoked to excess, and yet zero % of any of the residents ever died from lung cancer, or a smoking related disease. Most passed from Natural Causes, unrelated to smoking, even if they smoked or never smoked. Smoking keeps the mind alert and also helps the person relax and daydream while they enjoy their cig.

358cf8d8b0550a155d9940ea9dee91d0--women-smoking-candles.jpg (22.94 KiB) Viewed 437 times

Smoking helps to keep the hands active, and the hand-eye co-ordination which keeps the brain focussed, which is helpful as you get older in life, and it can help you feel young again.

bfc146be8c3cdc2c3d305085bddf1ddc.jpg (81.9 KiB) Viewed 437 times

So if most of the Hollywood actresses lived a long life, and some of the oldest people in the world are smokers, its not surprising that we see so many of these images:

BGN72_OCAAEjNYH.jpg (51.36 KiB) Viewed 437 times
c5aeb8d1b395eabc7b754c2d381be506.jpg (42.29 KiB) Viewed 437 times

100 year old Lorna Gobey smoked her first cigarette in 1940 – the same year the country was blitzed during the Battle of Britain.

She said: "I like my smokes, a drop of whiskey and Guinness and I still love to play skittles. Perhaps it's part of the reason I have lived for so long. I never thought I'd make it to 100, but I have. I'm quite amazed really."

Her son Bob Fisher, 66, said: "She smokes faster than the rest of us and still loves a drink. She loves bingo, playing a tune on the mouth organ and riding around town in cars."

When you get older, doctors start to think your blood pressure is important. Blood pressure naturally goes up when you are active, and down again when you are relaxed. Smoking eases blood pressure, and helps a person calm down (the opposite of what Doctors will tell you, as he hands out the high blood pressure pills).

cdd6459d1add4fc72e56b855199f7565.jpg (130.4 KiB) Viewed 437 times

Its never to late to start smoking!.

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This 125-year-old has more energy than most people:
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