Drew Barrymore (Actress)

Icons who made smoking cool throughout history.
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Drew Barrymore (Actress)

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A young Drew Barrymore won fame as an eight-year-old in E.T., and "started smoking at 9 and a half" (autobiography "Little Girl Lost", c. '91). She was "smoking marijuana at age 10", (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, Oct. 19, '01) and "became an alcoholic at age 10" (Calgary Herald, Dec. 22, '92). At 12 she "took up cocaine" (The Express (UK), Mar. 12, '01)

Here, 9-year-old Drew Barrymore lights Stephen King's cigarette at the May 11 1984 premiere of Firestarter in Maine.

She started smoking a few weeks after this photo was taken.
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August 1984, 9.5 year old Drew has started smoking.

"The nine-year-old Drew and her friend both managed to smuggle in some cigarettes. Their stash was equivalent to a whole packet's worth. The pair promptly locked themselves in the bathroom and smoked every contraband stick. ... Drew continued to smoke illicitly at home and she smoked regularly from then on ... 'I was smoking constantly and doing everything I could to be bad', Drew said. 'It wasn't long before I began thinking, 'Well, if I smoke cigarettes, I can drink. All I thought about was drinking and smoking' ... Jaid was present during this administration exercise and was not only horrified by Drew's chain-smoking - she was dumbstruck when she heard her daughter had progressed from cigarettes to cocaine ... the summer of 1986 actually proved most enjoyable for the actress, who had regular sneaky cigarettes ... John Barrymore II asked to see Drew at a Los Angeles restaurant. They sat down together, shared a cigarette and had a chat. ... Drew was at her happiest with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. ... 'I've got a really deep, raspy voice,' she says, a result of her two- packs-a-day cigarette habit." (Drew Barrymore: The Biography by Bryony Sutherland, '04)

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"I was up to three packs of (high-nicotine) Marlboro Reds a day. I loved it! I loved the smell of it and I loved the taste of it". (Now Magazine (UK), Feb. 2, '00)
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