The news is a mirror of Women Smoking Culture Google Group

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The news is a mirror of Women Smoking Culture Google Group

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Connect with "Women Smoking Culture" by joining this free group (of our inner core supporters), to post your comments and if you want to contribute in some way to the show and/or just stay in touch with the latest at Women Smoking Culture, Model House Show, SmokeVision and ModelsUpClose. Also post there if you can't send us an email. Group members get email alerts about updates OR you can adjust your preferences to not receive email alerts and just visit the group to read the latest news.

Your Express Link to Smoke Culture Google Group

Follow the link above and subscribe if you want to get email alerts with the latest news - direct from the source, as it happens.

You can also check out the latest by browsing the two web stores at:

Your Express Link To Models Up Close
Your Express Link To Smoke Vision

These news pages listed on this forum are a mirror or the Women Smoking Culture Google Group. I always provide the signature as 'Steve K', to show that I'm posting on his behalf.

If you post a message or reply on the Smoking Culture Google Group, Steve will get this directly and may answer you privately or via the whole group if appropriate.

If you post a message or reply on here on the Talking Smoking forum, I will email Steve and let him know that he has a comment to read.


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