UK Leader Theresa May's Smoking History [2016]

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UK Leader Theresa May's Smoking History [2016]

Post by Dan »

Post by Dan on Jul 12, 2016 17:24:10 GMT

UK Leader Theresa May Smoking History


You may remember we brought you the news that the Health Minister of the UK, Anna Soubry say cigs too glamorous, used to love the allure of her favourite St. Moritz executive cigarettes. Now we find another smoker at the top of the Leader-board. Theresa May smoking, NO!, not Teresa May smoking...

...I mean the UK Government MP Theresa May; used to smoke but give up for Lent in the year 2000, at the age of 44, according to this report in The Independent newspaper. As you may know, Lent is a very old custom in the Christian Faith where nobody is allowed to harbour deep desires for pleasure in case its somehow against the wishes of God, so each year they must choose something to give up in order to make their life ultimately boring until they die of boredom. Theresa May give up red meat in 2012, although she claims "Despite one or two lapses, I have managed to keep this up ever since."

Of course, now Theresa is running for Presidency of the United Kingdom, otherwise known as Prime Minster or "Chief stooge to blame in times of crisis", she is expected to tow the line on all the latest government policies. This includes pushing through a bill demanding internet companies provide yearly dumps of all users browsing history and encrypted usage, in the name of "public safety"; which she seems to have no issues with supporting. At the same time, lets examine Theresa Mays attitude towards Smoking. We can see how she voted regarding all Smoking related bills using the official web site - They Work For YOU!

Theresa May generally voted against smoking bans


Here we can see Theresa avoided some of the bills, and regarding the others she voted against them. Why? Because she is sympathetic towards smoking and smokers, and regards a lifestyle choice is far fess invasive than, say, smoking Cannabis. Yes we have recently seen a gush of UK MPs admitting they have smoked cannabis, and this seems to be the latest 'hip' thing to do to get votes. MPs who smoked cannabis include Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, Ruth Kelly, Harriet Harman, former health secretary Patricia Hewitt, Yvette Cooper, and Mo Mowlam. Why is cannabis cool, which is is proven to be far more 'mind altering' and far more psychoactive, than a harmless cigarette. MPs have been caught smoking out of train windows, house windows and all kinds of windows in an attempt to get around the laws they agreed to support but dont actually want. Scottish Smokers who happen to also vote want to leave the UK, so that Scotland has it's own rules.



The only MP to speak out against the 'decision' (conclusion) to strip cig packets of branding in the House of Commons debate was Dame Angela Watkinson, a non-smoker! She claimed that cigarettes "would be bad for exports, bad for retailers, bad for jobs and bad for the Treasury", and packaging makes no difference. She was given Chelsea Flower Show tickets by industry giant JTI, makers of Benson & Hedges, Silk Cut and Camel, for daring to speak the truth against the ban, to which many newspapers jumped on this as a sign she had been bought off. If it was so easy to buy off MPs, I would hope they hire more than just one lady next time, and perhaps a whole cabinet - of at least 20 per pack!



In India, MPs are allowed to have their own Smoke Room inside their Houses of Parliament - great news for the MPs, but to pro Smoking activists it is clear it breaks their own laws, and reveals the truth behind the lies of the Global Smoking Agenda Vs what people actually want.

Meanwhile, an Indian contempt petition has been filed in Rajasthan High Court against the Ministry of Health for not implementing last year’s order for larger pictorial warnings on tobacco pack after the high court in June asked the ministry to implement it. MPs dont want to implement it, even it the order comes from a High Court, simply because branding a product as a "KILLER!", with warnings that it destroys peoples lives, is clearly against the law of morality in telling the truth.


Life is too short NOT to smoke - in a few years we'll all be dead! No time for regrets, smoke your cigarettes!

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Post by Huh? on Oct 20, 2018 10:21:42 GMT

Let's clarify. When somebody develops cancer and consume THC something very interesting happens. The THC in the cannabis attaches to the CB1 & CB2 receptors in the cells in the body. If this is a cancerous cell, it causes the cell synthesise ceramide which in turn leads to cell death. Strangely (well not so much for me, but probably for you) this does not happen in normal healthy cells. So just to recap, it has never been proven cannabis causes cancer, in fact it has been proven to treat it. The following reference contains all patents relating to the use of cannabis as a medical treatment for various conditions obtained by GW Pharma. Sadly, it is because of people making uneducated statements like that, that many many people have died of cancer unnecessarily. The cannabis community have been using it as a cancer treatment for decades...

Post by Dan on Oct 20, 2018 14:39:44 GMT

Thank you for a fair point, all the government lies and spin is the opposite to what actually is, so if Big Pharma say pills are good but Cannabis is bad, it is only because they cant copyright a natural product, as I mentioned in another thread. You are right, I should remove the cancerogenic phrase from the post, as ironically smoking Cures cancers. Taking cannabis it not a cure all, and it didnt help Bob Marley much in the end, but to say it is more carcinogenic than smoking is a bit like throwing the government spin back at the government, as this is a political topic.

I removed the phrase.
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