Non-Smoker furious after his amputated leg appeared on packs

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Non-Smoker furious after his amputated leg appeared on packs

Post by Dan »

Post by Dan on Apr 10, 2021 17:33:12 GMT

Man furious after spotting his own amputated leg on cigarette packs, despite losing limb in assault

"A 60-year-old man who had his leg amputated following an assault was shocked to discover an image of his limb being used on cigarette packaging without his consent.
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The picture is reportedly displayed on EU cigarette packets, accompanied with the message "smoking clogs your arteries".

The Albanian man, who has not been named, made the discovery after his son bought a packet of rolling tobacco in Luxembourg last year, radio network France Bleu reported.

The son recognised the scars and burns on the image and showed it to his father who confirmed it was a photo of his leg.

However, the man says he lost his leg as the result of an assault in Albania in 1997 before he moved to France.

His lawyer, Antoine Fittante, told France Bleu that the amputation had “nothing to do with smoking”.

The man believes the photo was taken at a hospital in the city of Metz in France when he visited to find out whether he could be equipped with a prosthetic leg.

"It's rather incredible that a person finds themselves without their agreement on cigarette packets throughout the European Union," Mr Fittante told the BBC.

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