Fashion Cigarettes and Women [Linked Article]

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Fashion Cigarettes and Women [Linked Article]

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Fashion Cigarette

According to wikipedia, a fashion cigarette is something which goes beyond the norm, using colours and designs to create something wonderful. These include 120mm and even the 164mm cigarettes of the 1980s, but are mainly the slim and super slim varieties such as Vogue, Virginia Slims, Karelia, Lady and many More. I found a nice article on this subject today, which I've linked here: ... false.html
Traditionally, the smoking is considered a masculine habit, the feminization of smoking occurred in tandem with the advent of fashion brands or premium brands of cigarettes specifically marketed toward ladies who see the use of these brands as a way to increase their sexual appeal. Most often this is focused on young fashion-conscious professional ladies who are the target demographic for these brands, which are differentiated by slimness and added length over traditional brands of cigarettes.

These brands include decorative ones like Eve, marketed strictly toward women like Virginia Slims, or as evening-out styles like Sobranie Cocktail or Sobranie Black Russian. Many fashion houses have lent their name to cigarettes; Yves Saint Laurent is probably the most successful of these, however many other brands have been marketed, from time to time, in select international markets: Givenchy, Versace, Pierre Cardin, Christian Lacroix and Cartier.
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