Smoking and Lipstick

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Smoking and Lipstick

Post by Dan »

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I find Smoking with lipstick can be very attractive. Sometimes, the lipstick can help to fill in the holes around the middle of the filter, so that a lady experiences a much more powerful, more rounder smoke. This can be felt by men in the winter when they can wear lip-chap, or in summer with beach balm.

It can also be fun to notice the colours of lipstick on the butts. I noticed one of other day near a road crossing, with a very attractive dark rose pink colour.

This topic goes out to women. Do you wear lipstick. Many women dont. Do you like smoking with lipstick, or do you find it mean you have to reapply it more often?

Also to men. Do you think lipstick and smoking is part of the past, or do you think women should be encouraged to wear lipstick.
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