Lindsey Tingles ASMR

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Lindsey Tingles ASMR

Post by Dan »

Post by Dan on Oct 1, 2020 16:33:41 GMT

Smoke:Tube Presents

Lindsey Tingles ASMR

Lindsay is a 30-something from Kentucky, USA. She joined YouTube in 2018 hosting a range of beautification education videos. Initially things were going at a rather slow, leisurely pace, but then she experimented with wearing leather-ware, and the view count went up. In Aug 2019, her first smoking video - ASMR Smoking Cigarettes and Cigars in a Leather Jacket and Leather Gloves - went off the scale. She ignored it for a while, but eventually realised that there was a huge audience out there. Her second smoking video - ASMR Smoking My First Cigar in Leather Jacket - also went close to 100k views, so she decided to make smoking more of a 'thing' on her channel.

I've been following this channel since around that time, waiting for the content to reach a healthy level, so I could announce her as a Smoke-tuber. There still isnt much in terms of feature shows and smoke modelling, but what we find is most of the smoking is included in live chats and Q & A sessions; giving viewers a nice long experience, often with different brands. She enjoys Mores, Cigars, 100s and 120s - so plenty of choice. Lindsay also loves (as you can see from the labels), ASMR - which means she speaks softly in most of her shows, to the point of being completely inaudible sometimes*.

"Yo! My name is Lindsey, I live in Kentucky and have loved ASMR for years. I am in love with the art of making people relax and I'm always trying to improve and try new things. Please check out my videos and see if you enjoy them. Thank you! :)"

**N.B. ASMR is about speaking very softly and relaxingly, like a lullaby, sending tingles down someone's spine from the silky soft words. Like an elderly school teacher lovingly caressing her pupils. It is NOT whispering.

Check out more videos from her channel here:
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