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Brooke Bennett [BBW]

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Smoke:Tube Presents

Brooke Bennet

Brooke started smoking in September of 2022, and within a month and a half, she was posting videos of her progress on youtube. She didn't wait to try different brands, and instead went straight for VS 120s. Some of her earlier videos showing how she is able to inhale were sadly removed from youtube, and her channel was taken down, so I don't know how long the new channel will last.

Brooke is learning quickly, and likes to cheek hollow her draws, rolling the smoking into a ball in her mouth before inhaling, and drifting or blowing the smoke out of her mouth. The ash is often flicked onto the floor. She smokes mainly indoors but also in her car, with leather gloves, and outdoors too. This could be one to watch out for.

edit: These videos have been taken down three times now by YouTube. So some might not work.

Check out more videos from her channel here: ... 7rKu3jvRAs
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