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Welcome and General Posting Rules

Post by Dan »

Post by Dan on Mar 2, 2018 18:34:25 GMT
Talking Smoking Culture


Thank you for visiting our wonderful forum. My name is Dan and I'm your friendly neighbourhood moderator. Please get in touch with me if you experience any issues whilst using the forum, including anything mentioned below.

The focus of this forum is the promotion of women's smoking culture, in all ways, shapes and forms. Some women love to enjoy the art of smoking, and some men like to enjoy woman and ladies smoking. The forum is where I post news, images, stores, histories, and promotion materials of cigarettes. It is meant to be a shrine to the smoking culture of women, with the occasional related topic. To call it a passion may be closer to the truth.

I hope you will enjoy your experience here, and please come back again soon.

Best Regards.



The rules are pretty straightforward but I would appreciate if everyone commit them to memory to save me having to moderate your posts.
All posts are checked individually, for the following:

We Do NOT Tolerate!

Harassment! - This includes direct, indirect, innuendo, implied or inferred.

Violence! - This includes direct, indirect, innuendo, implied or inferred.

Abuse! - This includes direct, indirect, innuendo, implied or inferred.

Swearing! - This includes direct, indirect, innuendo, implied or inferred.

Junk/Spam! - This includes direct, indirect, innuendo, implied or inferred.

Sales Promotion! - This includes direct, indirect (links), innuendo, implied or inferred.

Endless Meaningless Thank You's! - It's nice to receive thanks, but do try to be constructive.

Strictly Not Allowed!

No Fetish!- This is a smoking glamour and seduction forum, a hang out for smoke lovers - not a fetish forum - I reserve the right to edit any post containing this 'F' word.

No Men!- We are affiliated with Womens Smoking Culture, and promote women's smoking culture. No images of men smoking please.

No Pre-Teens!- This is against the websafe (NSFW) guidelines, and any pre-teen material can be deleted or edited.

No Nudity!- This is also against the websafe (NSFW) guidelines. Any images showing nudity can be removed without question.

Smutty Comments! - We all love smoking, but this is not the place for sex talk or fetish talk.

Fetish Related! - This includes direct, indirect, innuendo, implied or inferred. Please avoid anything that could be labelled fetish as this is not what this forum is all about. Such comments will be moderated without question, and users can face severe warnings or instant bans for abusing any of the rules listed above, so don't test my patience. Acceptable words include:
  • Sexy
  • Seductive
  • Hot
  • Tasty

We Encourage!

New Posts! - Try to say something positive, and make a good impression.

New Topics! - If you have a burning question, why not suggest a new topic?

Constructive Critic! - Do help us with constructive helpful advice.

Clear Speaking - Please write as clearly as possible, and do check your facts before you post.[/color]

Please Smoke Responsibly

Thank You.

Moderation Team.
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